Product Overview / 产品概述

We spend one third of our life in bed. Therefore we need a well supportive, comfortable and hygien mattress that allows us to rest and rejuvenate. Furthermore, with well sleep we could release the stress and tension of our back and also helps the absorption of the nutrients.

If you are one of the many adults in this country that have to live with back pain from time to time, you will only be to aware of how vital the right mattress is. If you wish to avoid back pains, sleep on a Anteik Waterbed, especially if you lead an active lifestyle.

睡眠是人的一生中, 三分之一的时间处于状态,若任为求生存,睡眠则为不可或缺的一大要素。但是越来越多都市在全情投入工作之余。都讲求健康饮食,寻找养生法法。素食,减肥,学气功,脚底按摩… 等等。这都是追求健康热潮中的一环。但是最直接影响到我们健康的是睡眠。但却未为人所重视,睡眠不足。睡得不好的人比比皆是。他们大都不会正视问题,直至身体健康亮起红灯方才意识到事态严重。


Water Bed (保健床)

Watered provide us support for the whole body by distributing body weight evenly throughout the entire body. With the hips sunken and the legs slightly raised, the muscles are completely relaxed, contributing to a sounder and stress-free sleep.


Water Mattress (水床垫)

All medical reports has approved that medical bed is not only the best way to sleep, but could cure related diseases. Sleeping with this medical bed can also increase life expectancy.


Auto Spinal Care Mattress (自调护椎垫)

By using the Auto Spinal Care Mattress, this enable to support the deep point of the waist in order to make us wake up easily without facing any barriers and it can reduce the pressure point of the shoulder.


Water Pillow (水晶枕)

An ideal pillow must be coincidence to the curve of the head. Otherwise, the incorrect usage of pillow will imperil the vertebra, according to the physiology of head. Besides that, it will also cause pressure and orthopedic problems.


Water Cushion (水坐垫)

Feeling uncomfortable while leaning down or while you are driving? Try out our water cushion! It soothe you while you are relaxing and makes your long journey to be ease while driving.


Others (其它)

We also produce other health products such as spinal care, hot and cold pad, Follow U eye mask, health care pillow casing and water conditional in order to meet your needs in approaching a healthy lifestyle.